Wednesday, October 21, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter

We gots a chance to try out World's Best Cat Litter! They have a new look for their packaging and website, with the same great cat litter recipe.

Here is what we thought about it.

Mom's Take: We tried out two big bags of the litter. I know, from talking with all of you around the cat blogosphere and from asking the vet about it, that cats can be...stubborn about things like this. So we took the first bag of cat litte, and gradually, over time, mixed it with their usual brand. We then went on to just completely using World's Best Cat Litter with the second bag.

World's Best Cat Litter is unlike any other litter I've seen. It's much finer, more like soft flakes than granules, and made from whole kernel corn, so it is probably also the greenest, in terms of the environment, cat litter on the market today as well. It is 100% biodegradable and microporous, so it absorbs odor really well. I do know that when the kitties would, well, poo, in the litter box, there was virtually no odor.

Unfortunately, we had a LOT of odor when the cats urinated.

This is because they WOULD NOT PEE in the litter box once we had the World's Best Cat Litter in it!

Instead, they sprayed all over the back, screened-in porch. The smell of ammonia was just horrible when we realized what was going on! First, we thought maybe the outdoor cats that we see slinking around the screen sometimes, taunting the Cheezits and Fancy, were to blame, but it became obvious that no, it was our usually perfectly-litterbox-trained kitties who were peeing under the porch benches, tables, chairs...what a mess!

We had to power wash the entire porch, and we went back to Fresh Step, which was our litter of choice before World's Best Cat Litter.

I cannot explain this, but cats just have their preferences, and mine didn't think, for some reason, that World's Best Cat Litter was for peeing on. They weren't going to do it. Period. Even though, as I said they did poop in the box, and there was no odor in the litter box room from that, which was awesome.

I DO think the litter is much better for the environment and certainly much better about stopping odor than a lot of other litter out there, BUT only (obviously) if your cats will use it! So I think that if you started a kitty from scratch (so to speak) on the World's Best Cat Litter, and they had not already been used to another brand, you would be very happy.

World's Best Cat Litter IS pricier than the litters you buy in your local store, but as I said it is made from corn and 100% biodegradable, so you are helping the planet out!

Fancy and the Cheezits give their take: We didn't give Mom permission to change our litter! We likes the old litter just fine. Now we got our old litter back. We pooped in the box, but we sprayed the porch with pee until Mom listened to us!
We were sent three bags of World's Best Cat Litter (another one just came in the mail the other day!) to help us with our review. Mom used two, and we wouldn't go for it, so she will donate the third bag to the local shelter.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dis Iz My Worrit Face

Samantha and Mr. Tigger are still not back.


Dis worries me, because dey are normally furry good kittehs who would not put dere Mommy through all dis.

Efurrybody, please be on the lookout for two silly kittehs who maybe got lost a little bit, okay?


Mr. Tigger!

Come home *now* !

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