Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Did you miss us? Mom's all done wif dis summer vacation stuff, young beans are back in school, now it's our turn again!
Which meant we had to go to the V.E.T. the other day.

I did NOT like dat at ALL!

But I was furry smart. *preening*

See? Here's a pic of me, Cheddar, hiding in da V.E.T. office.

Okay, I knows you can't see me, because I am cleverly hiding, but I'm behind da scale.

Colby did not like da V.E.T. either. He tried to climb up the metal fing dat's used for weighing big fat goggies and woofers and he got his claws stuck and Mom had to get him down!

So, we gots out claws trimmed, too.

You know what, though? Fancy didn't mind the V.E.T. at all!

Oh, she didn't like riding in da big van, or being in a carrier (she had to share with Colby, but I got mah own because I'm so floofy).

Dis is me again, being floofy in mah carrier.

But Fancy didn't mind da V.E.T once we got dere. She walked all around da V.E.T. office. Here's a pikshur of Colby watching her. He liked to sit on da scale, when he wasn't huddling wif me in dah corner.

Fancy even--you won't BELIEVE this--*purred* at the V.E.T.!!! And she gave Mom head butts while we were dere, too.

Colby says she's a traitor cat.

But you know what? I fink she's just really brave.

What do you fink?

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