Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


It's me, Fancy, in my new angel wings! The ones I won! Don't I look pretty? Okay, so Mom drew on the halo, but I really am angelic!

And, just for fun, here's Cheddar being a pumpkin!

Here he is, eating the pumpin bib!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Belated Fank Yew

Fanks To Mr. Hendrix, who gave us dis great award, and we was sick and didn't even know it! Or maybe he told us and we was so sick we furgot (which is prob'ly what happened). He is a great furriend, and we are so glad he won the prize package from the raffle!

Okay, we has to pick 7 blogs, so here goes:

1. Rattitude, because they has the bestest (and possibly the only) Rat blog around!
2. Kilroy the Love Beastie, cause Colby and Cheddar are watching him closely for mancat tips.
3. Derby the Sassy Cat, who just had a burfday, 'cause Fancy is all growed up, too, and she needs lady furiends.
4. The cute little guys at The Daily Kitten.
5. Bwog of the genius cat, who is always gettin' blamed for sumfin.
6. Captain Jack, and Dante, The purrageous pirates, and their furry busy Mommy.
7. And Samantha and Mr. Tigger, because they have a grrreat pumpkin doodle!

Fanks to all dese wunnerful furriends. We luvs ur blogs!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wow! Fancy is on a roll

You know what? Mr. Skeezix just told Fancy dat she won ANOTHER contest, the furry cool Petsmart and Catster costume contest over at Skeezy's awesome Catster blog, The Cat's Meow!

She won dis cool Angel Wings costume!

Dat Fancy sure is a lucky black cat. Maybe we should have her pick lottery numbers for Mom so she can win more green papers! heehee.

We are going to have Fancy put on her new collar AND her wings so she can model them for pikshurs!

Please check out the Cat's Meow, 'cause Mr. Skeezix is also a furry funny and smart kitty and he has lots of good stuff posted there!

Right now, I'm going to go be nice to Fancy to see if she can win me sumfin'. ;)


Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Tocktober Day!

So, Fiona and Orlando bun tell us that today, October 20, is Tocktober Day!

To celebrate Derby's birthday! Yay, Derby!

And dat's why you are seein' Mine.

Mom obviously knows who has da best tocks around these parts!


As you can see, I am a furry athletic kitty and my tocks are firm and lean!

Right, Ladies?

Right? Don't furget that I will be a mancat soon!

In January!



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fancy FTW!

Guess what?

Okay, dat's kinda hard to do, so I'll tell you!

I WON a contest! Woohoo!

My bruvvers entered me into a contest over at Everything Up Close, look what dey said:

“Oh HAI! Dat cool pink collar with the black skulls would look BOOtiful on our sister kitty, Fancy! She's a black cat and she needs a new collar for Halloween. We hopes we win!"

Isn't dat nice? And I won da collar from Miss Moustache! So I will be a furry fashionable, pretty girl for Halloween.

And you know what? Dis PROVES dat black cats are good luck, not bad! So dere!

I thinks you should all go over there to Everything Up Close and see if you can wins stuff, too, cause dey have LOTS of giveaways over dere. Dere givin' away necklaces and stuff, and dey list other bean's contests, too!

Dey even have a brand new contest dat just started, where da Moms can win an apron to wear when dey are whippin' up kitteh feasts!

Once I get my new collar, I'll make Mom takes a pikshur of it so's you can all see what it looks like, okay?

Fanks to my bruvvers, for entering me, and fanks to Everything Up Close for havin' such a cool contest!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fanks, Zoolatry!

Mine, All Mine!

Has Anybody Seen My Broom?!

My Pumpkins

The wonderful folks at Zoolatry maded these for us for Halloween! Aren't dey Bootiful? Heehee, get it, BOOtiful? Dat's a little Halloween humor for ya, right dere!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Efurryone's Better Now!

The beans aren't sick any more, yay!

Dat means we gots a new toy, too. Mom finally put it together wif da help of da youngest bean. Here I am, checking it out.

I's also been furry busy helpin' Mom wif all her Halloween stuff.
Dis is called a pumpkin. It looks like it would be good to eat, but dis one isn't, know why? Cause it's fake! Mom says it is called a Funkin.

Mom's going to carve it into a Jack O' Lantern. This Funkin is for carvin' and keepin', instead of carvin' and throwin' away. Da real pumpkins, dey get rotten really fast down here in Florida. I smelleded it and it doesn't smell real, either.

Dat Fancy kitty has been helpin' Mom too. Turns out that Fancy is akshully pretty cool!

She play-fights wif Colby and doesn't put the bitey on him, and dat means I don't get the bitey put on ME when Colby wants to play-fight. And today, when we spilled all our food (which is NOT my fault, Colby snuck up on me and I ranned into it and it just went flyin'!), she went in an mewed at Mom until Mom came out and saw our dish was empty and fixed it all up for us. Dat was pretty smart of Fancy!

Mom says black cats are furry good for Halloween, cause some beans are Super Stitch Us, whatever dat means, and fink black cats are all spooky and bad luck!

Dat's silly, Fancy has just been good luck fur us.

Here's a pikshur of me checkin' out Mom's party invitations for da little beans' Halloween party, and some waxy candle fings and black roses and a styrofoam tombstone she gots. Dey's for decorashuns at Da party. See how I'm being a good watch cat and keepin' the house safe?

Usually, dat's Colby's job but he was on da porch, climbin' the screens and gettin' snails. Dad said, "Bad cat!" at him for dat, but Colby was just tryin' to keep the house safe!

Mom says I am da cute floofy kitteh for photos and cuddlin', and Colby is the speshul attack cat for gettin' stuff like lizards, and Fancy is the emergency back-up girl kitteh dat even likes gettin' petted. cause Mom needs more girls wif all us boy kittehs around!

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