Monday, September 29, 2008

Careful! You might catch something!

Oh, Hai! Dis is me, in bed. Don't worry, I'm fine. But Efurrybody else here is sick! So I'm thinkin' I might just stay here and be safe.

First it was Fancy, our new black kitteh, who had the sneezes and stuff, and then the boy beans got sick from somebody called "SKEWL." I don't know who skewl is, but he must be really bad, because efurryday the boy beans has to go away to see skewl, and when dey come back they sure are really happy to be home again and away from skewl! Plus, skewl must be furry lazy, cause the boy beans has to do his stuff all the time--they are always saying they have to do "skewl work"! And now dis skewl fellow has gots them sick!

And then even Mom got the sicks from the boy beans, and she goes, "cough cough cough," like she's going to have a hairball. Good thing Dad's home now and can help all the sick beans!

At least dat Fancy girl kitteh is all better now. We kinda sorta get along, but I'm keeping an eye on her, just in case! For instance, she knows dat the window wif the sunbeams in the afternoon is my speshul place, so she's has to find sumwhere else!

Here's her looking all better 'n stuff. She likes to sit wif the beans and get all petted, which is different from me and Colby, but maybe dat's cause she's a girl kitteh.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordle on Wordless Wednesday!

Efurrybody has been so creative, we wanted to be too! So we went to Wordle and made this! It's a pikshur of da words we use most here on the Cheezits. You can make one if you want. You can do different colors and make the words go up and down or across. Try it out!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Update: Hey, I'm hungry!

Hey, dis is Fancy again! Guess what? I started feeling hungry, so I decided to try to eat a little. And then I got hungrier, and ate a little more.

Yay! I can eat now!

P.S. Dose boys don't growls and hissy at me much any more, unless we gets real real close to each other and they don't expects it. I'm black, so I fade in and sumtimes they don't know I'm dere until all of the sudden. When dat happens, Colby will still swat at me, like he's a big scary mancat. But now, I bat right back at him!

Thanx for worryin' bout me, efurrybody!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

V.E.T stuff and dat new kitteh wot's in our house!

Yawn. Oh, Hai! I was just takin' a nap. I has some news, though!

That black kitteh's name is Fancy, and she's been real sick. Mom had to take her to the V.E.T yesterday. You wanna know sumfin' else? We had to go to the V.E.T too, and we weren't even sick! Dat's not fair. We had to get shots, but we were brave mancats and didn't make a fuss, or anyway Cheddar didn't. I howled and tried to get away from, I mean tried to attack the V.E.T people, just to give 'em what for!

Anyway, we went to the V.E.T a different day than Fancy cause we are not sick and she is. She won't eat, and Mom was worrit. So, anyways, the V.E.T. gave Fancy sub Q tane EE uz fluids (dat's like water under the skin, ewww) and gots her shots up-to-date, too, and then gave Mom a Pill Popper gun thing, 'cause even the vet couldn't get Fancy to take the icky liquid medicine stuff! Dat's a neat trick. She has to show us how she keeps her mouth closed. I want to know how she can spit pills out really far, too! Mom said some bad words the first time Fancy did that! But she got Fancy to swallow one next time, so Mom's not so sad and stressed out now.

That black Fancy kitteh sure seems to be feelin' a lot better, too. Dose liquids helped a lot. Mom put a huge-midi-fyer in her room to help her breathe through her stuffed-up nose. She still won't eat, but dat's good 'cause we get the food she doesn't want, and Mom is tryin' lots of stinky goodness stuff! Nom nom nom. Mom even tried salmon and left-over steak from the beans' trip to the restaurant. I guess Fancy just won't eat 'til she's betterer than she is now. The V.E.T said to give it a couple days and see. Fancy's drinkin' water, tho, and she purrs a lot and she even lets the beans pet her ALL the time, which is just suckin' up if you ask me.

Anyway, I fink maybe she is startin' to unnerstand dat WE are da mancats and she has to respeckt us and stuff. I chased her and stuff and she doesn't even hiss back. And she was pretty tough with the V.E.T. So, you know, she's not DAT terrible.

Oh, and Mom says THANK YOU to all the wunnerful kittehs and their Moms and Dads dat gave us advice! We are gettin' along a little better now, specially since that sock thing! We has to sleep and eat in different places, though, cause she is sick.


P.S. I want to say thanks too! The bruvvers aren't quite so mean and scary at me now!--Fancy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fancy Wednesday

Um...hi, efurrybody. I'm Fancy. I'm the new kitty over here at the Cheezits.

I'm really not a bad kitteh, I promise! I just need a new home.

See, I had a home, and then my 'family'...well, they moved. Without me and my brother. They just left us at the shelter. *sigh* And then, my bruvver got 'dopted, but I didn't, and I was by msyelf.

But when the Cheezits' Mom saw me, she said, "You need bruvvers. I know some bruvvers dat need a sister, too!" So she took me home wif her, and I'm very grateful.

Cause I even hab a head cold right now, and by nose is stuffed ub, and I have to take the icky medicine, and I was feeling kinda down all by myself, all sick and missing my bruvver and stuff. I was really lonely. So I'm real happy to have a new home! And I been tryin' real hard to make furriends wif the Cheezits.

Except I don't think the Cheezits want me here furry much. I hasn't even growled at them, but boy have they growled and hissed at me! And Colby even swatted at me a couple times. I'm trying to keep my cool and let them know that I don't want to make trouble, but it's hard! So, if you have any advice for me and Mom and the Cheezits, dat would be great!

Oh, and I know's you are the Cheezits' furiends, but could you maybe please be my furiend, too? I could sure use some.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh NOES! An Intruder!

Dis is me, Cheddar. Sumfin's happened, and I don't like it one bit!

Let me get myself togedder here. Deep breath.

So, here's what's going on. Mom went to take the check for the Pet Rescue Raffle fundraiser you all helped us with to the shelter.

We raiseded $151.82 green papers for the shelter, btw. Is dat good? Well, Mom says every little bit helps, and the shelter was furry glad to get the green papers! She says dey are furry happy wif us.

So, anyway, she came back, of course, and she had a big box o'sumfin.

With airholes.

And den she took the big box o'sumfin out on the screened porch.

And you know what I fink? I fink it must have been a cat in the box!

Cause now dere's a strange cat out there! She's all black, with green eyes. And she's all growed up, too, older dan me and Colby.

She's kinda pretty, actually--but she is ON MY PORCH!

Dis is capital-N Not good, furiends! What should we do?

Colby is just curious 'bout her, looking out the window, but I am scareded!

Wot does this mean?!

I am NOT happy with Mom right now!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fank Yew!

Thanks to all of you who donated to our raffle, or helped us spread the word. Please take this badge as a token of our appreciation. You can resize it as necessary to fit your blog.

Thanks again!

The Cheezits

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Furriends are What Makes the Cat Blogosphere so Speshul

We has some furry wonderful furriends! While we was working on the raffle (Okay, Mom was working and we were sleepin' and eatin' and chasing lizards), they gave us not one but TWO awards!

We just don't know what to say. We're speechless!

First, we gots the brillante award from TWO different kitty bloggers, which is a furry prestigious and distinctive award. We was nominated by Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie and The Taylor Cats! We preened and groomed for quite awhile after we heard that, making sure we looked our best, because we didn't want to let anyone down nows that we are famous kittehs.

Here is the brillante award, look how shiny it is!

Then, we gots another award just today, from the wunnerful kittehs Chica and Pumuckl, who are Egyptian cats in Germany and so maybe I guess they are...heee heee...wait for it...furriegn kittehs! Ha ha ha, we crack ourselves up. Anyways, These fantastic furries gave us an "I love your cats" award! Isn't that great?

Here it is over here, and it has cats hugging, like we do when we aren't whappin' each other!

Needless to say, we are furry proud to have won both of these awards, and we's going to put them on the sidebar.

If you haven't seen the cool Awards Shelf that Chica and Pumuckl's bean made for their awards, btw, you should go over there and check it out, because it is a furry neat idea.

We are allowed to nominate seven furriends for each of these awards, and that's a LOT of furriends. We tried counting and we had to go to three whole paws to figure out that would be fourteen kittehs! But then we also thought maybe we would nominate the same seven kittehs for BOTH awards, because all of our furriends really deserve both.

So, we is nominating:
Daisy, the Curly Cat, who is really just one cat but has Mr. Snail and Mr. Shrill and her pet rock, so she can still get the "I love your cats" award, right?
The Island Cats, because we really do think every kitteh wants to be an island cat.
The kittehs at Artsy Catsy, cause they work hard.
The Whiskers and Purrs kittehs wif the cool names.
The furry manly mancats Eric and Flynn.
Beau Beau and Angie--someone please fill up that food bowl!
And finally, last but not least, The Meezers, cause they have been furry smart and added a ginger!

Concatulations to all our furry wonderful kitteh furriends!

Oh, Boy! It's Time! We Pick the Winner of the Pet Rescue Raffle!

We is furry excited! We had Mom line up all the prizes for the Pet Rescue Raffle, and then we checked them all to make sure they are ready to go!

Ruh roh. Dat was a lot of excitement for kittehs to handle, all that cool stuff. Cheddar disappeared somewhere to take a nap. I, Colby, was responsible and stuck around to help Mom out, but I have to admit I ..ahem..fell asleep, too. BUT! Mom woke me up, and here I am picking the winner!

And, just so you all know who datNumber 30 is, the winner is:

Amy C. from Ohio!

ConCATulations, Amy! And you know what? That's Mr. Hendrix's bean! Yay, Hendrix!

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Whappin' Time!

I needs the Daddy. I am in a whappin' mood, and he always likes to play ruf (at least until I puts the bitey on his hand).

Here's a pikshur of me and the Daddy playin' together.

Lots of times, it's Cheddar who is the jumpy, racin' around, tail-on-fire kitteh.

Usually, I like to curl up and just, you know, show off my floofiness and stuff. Colby can make fun all he wants, cause you know whats?

Sometimes I get treats for doing stuff like that! Da beans say, "Awww, look at Cheddar, he's bein' so cute!"

And then I get treats. Course, they give them to Colby, too, cause he comes over and makes nice when they're treats around!

So, anyway, that's how it goes, usually.

But today I am in a bitey, whappin' mood!

I don't know why.

I fink I will go party wif some of my kitteh friends that know how to play.

Off to the Bad Kitteh Carnival of Chaos!


Rainy Days = Naptime!

Rain, rain, rain. We is getting LOTS of rain and clouds from the big storm, Hanna.

It makes me, Colby, furry sleepy.

I was all stretched out and comfy on Mom's bed.

But then big ol' Cheddar came in and wanted to play.

I was just sleepin' and he bited me! Then he was whappin' at me and wouldn't let me alone.

He tried to eat Mom's laptop cord and chew the buttons off of her sweater.

She played wif him awhile, but she is tryin' to put our posts on the blog for us, and then she has her ovur blogs, so she had to get back to work.

But Cheddar kept puttin' the bitey on me and wouldn't let me rest, so Mom picked him up and put his floofy self by the window so's he could see the lizards and the rain.

Thank goodness!

Now I can nap again!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ruh-Roh! Random Raffle Recipients! (Big Prize Package Still Up for Grabs!)

Here are the randomly-picked winners of extra copies (generously donated by our sponsors!) of "My Buddy Butch" and "Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits".

First, here's how this worked, for those that are interested in this sort of thing:

Each donation was given numbers matching how many tickets were bought in the order in which they were donated, as so: Donor #1 donating $10.00 would get SIX raffle tickets (remember, buy five get one free!), So numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 were assigned to his/her name. Donor #2 donated 2.00 and had number 7 assigned to his/her name, etc. The numbers were then fed into the Random Integer Generator.

Remember, the big Prize Package is still up for grabs, and that winner will be chosen randomly by the Cheezits themselves, on video! They've been very good and kept to their promise not to accept bribes of cat toys and kitty treats, especially since they can't read anyway and have no clue what the raffle ticket numbers mean! ;)

So, without further ado, the winners of the books chosen by the Random Integer Generator are:

Numbers 79, 54 and 12! And those winners are Karen A., Jacqueline A., and Deb T.!

Hooray! I'll be getting your books out to you in tomorrow's mail. I will ship them media mail where possible, so please do give them a little while to get to you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pet Rescue Raffle Update!

We have lots of Raffle news today!

First of all, Mom would like to thank all of you who have donated! And so do we! We really appreciate the time and the effort, not to matter the green papers you've given!

Next, Mom now has ALL the raffle prizes in the prize package in hand (some of them took a while to arrive. Delivery has been slower than usual, prob'ly because of all the storms round here lately!).

Mom also has Pet Rescue Raffle fliers printed and ready to go to the local pet shops, as of last Thursday. But she had to fly out of town and couldn't get them to the pet shops then! She was in Seattle until yesterday, visiting our cousin kitteh cats Mira and Rose and our woofie cousin Calvin.

Mom debated whether she should give up on the fliers so that the raffle would end on schedule, but she really thinks that extending the raffle a few more days instead may mean more beans will buy tickets for the big prize package, which means more green papers for the woofies and the kittehs and the buns and the hampsters and everyone!

So, the Pet Rescue Raffle will has been extended! The closing date for donations is now: Friday, September 5th. Everybody got that? So there is still time to donate and get chances to win!

But REMEMBER! Friday, September the 5th is the absolute last day of the Pet Rescue Raffle! That means your last chance to enter and win is coming up fast!

Please help get the word out there to all the animal lovers you know!

Thanks for helpin' us!

The Cheezits

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