Sunday, August 24, 2008

We has some new friends, And a Pikshur, too!

Mom's wunnerful aunt in Georgia told her about a very cool group over dere called the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Altanta that rescues woofies! We're adding their link to the sidebar cause we love to make new furriends! Here it is:

Here is a pikshur of (most) of the prizes in the Pet Rescue Raffle! A couple haven't come yet because of the big storm Hurry Cane messing up the package delivery, but don't worry, they will be here soon, way before the end of the raffle on August 31st. PLEASE consider donating! You can click on the donate link above this post or use the pikshur if you want to see more about the raffle first. We has sold only fourteen tickets so far...*sigh*.

BUT *perks up* Mom is calling up the pet store to see if she can set up a table and maybe sell some tickets out front. They are very nice people and maybe they will let her! We has our paws crossed. It's good when Mom goes to the pet store anyway, because she brings back extra stinky goodness for US. (She has already had to hide the doggie treats from the special bakery that are in the Raffle from us, because they smells so yummy that we has been trying to shred the pretty gauzey stuff to get at them! Mom wouldn't let us touch them, though. We has to remember to be strong and resist temptation, cause they are going to a Good Cause.)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am furry thankful that the big storm named Fay is mostly ofur and the winds are not so loud.

I do not mind the water coming down out of the sky, because I am a smart kitteh and don't go outside (just on the porch to hunt lizards with my bruvver when I am feeling like a big brave mancat).

But I DON'T like the big winds outside! This is where I like to hide: on top of the washing machine or in my special laundry basket that Mom empties out just for me.

Mom always has LOTS of laundry to put away, cause the Dad and the beans make lots of dirty clotheses. (They should just get some nice floofy fur like I have to keep them warm. Colby doesn't even have nice floofy fur like me, but it is warm here in Florida so he does okay.) Mom says maybe they should all be nudists, because then there would be less laundry. Mom is not furry good at putting the laundry away all the time, but nobody's purrfect.

I am furry thankful that Colby and I have a safe, warm home when there are nasty storms outside. Not all kittehs are lucky enough to have furrever homes like we do!

Sneaky kitteh trains his bean

Mom heard once that raising teenage beans is like nailing jelly to a tree.

And that training kitties is, it's just crazy talk! Beans don't really train kittehs to do what they want, right?

BUT dere's some videos dat the Temptations peoples put out, where the trainer THINKS he is teaching his kitteh to do stuff.

Really, of course, his kitteh owner is in control.

Guess how I knows dis? It's easy.

Just watch the videos and see who ends up with the Temptations in the ends!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Announcing the First Annual Pet Rescue Raffle!

Update! Last day to Enter to Win in our Pet Rescue Raffle is Friday, Sept. 5th!
The deadline to buy tickets is Midnight (EST)!

Cool Moms Rule! and The Cheezits are proud to co-sponsor the first ever Pet Rescue Raffle to benefit the Humane Society of South Brevard. The South Brevard facility is a No-Kill shelter for any animals--not just cats like the Cheezits but dogs, rabbits, ferrets, you name it--that need a home.

As a proud pet owner of two rescued kitties from this very shelter, Viv wanted to give something back to all the wonderful volunteers who work so hard to help abandoned, abused and needy animals find loving homes. We hope to make the Pet Rescue Raffle an annual event.

Now, I know our readers, and I know that some of you are ready to donate right now, just because you are animal lovers like me and know this is a great cause. And I love that about all of you. But we have been blessed to find wonderful benefactors for our cause that are donating a fabulous Prize Package that you could win just for donating!

Just look at what our generous sponsors have provided for our Prize Package:

Susan Daffron
has offered us a copy of each of her instructional and insightful books: Happy Hound: Develop a Great Relationship with Your Adopted Dog or Puppy and Happy Tabby: Develop a Great Relationship with Your Adopted Cat or Kitten.

Richardson Publishing
is providing The Puppy Lovers Journal, with what must be the cutest puppies in the world on the cover. You can keep notes, jot down pet appointments, pen your life story or just doodle on the journal's handy lined pages. I so want a puppy now!

From Pure Ayre, the only all-natural, organic odor eliminator product on the market, comes a full-size Pet Odor Eliminating Spray, to keep your home odor-free while keeping your pets safe from harmful toxins or chemicals.

Timothy Glass, author of Just This Side of Heaven, is providing a signed copy of his charming and heartwarming book about his beagle, Penny.

The fantastic team over at Bamboo Pets (which now includes Fat Cat products) are providing us with a bunch of great pet items! They have given us both cat AND dog feeding bowls (the cat bowl is a double one with cute fish on the side, not pictured), leashes in blue, pink and red (the red one hooks to a seatbelt to keep your dog or puppy safe in the car or van), and a nice chewy "big kahuna" dog toy. What's really cool about the feeding bowls is they come with disposable liners that you can throw out, so you don't have to keep cleaning your pet's bowl out every day!

The lovely Mira Tweti (and yes, it IS pronounced "Tweety"!) of Parrot Press is sending us a copy of her absolutely gorgeous book, Here, There and Everywhere, chronicling the adventures of Sreeeeeeeet the Lorikeet, and an illustrated poster companion set as well.

Barbara Thomas, of Ruby Jane's Retro Fabric and More, who has been owned by not one but two rescued shelter dogs, is generously donating a gorgeous red dog bed and cover.

Dog's Eye View Media is providing us with a copy of each of these great books, which are ideal for kids of all ages (as they say on the site, "from 8 to 108"), and look absolutely adorable: Let's Go Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and The Night Before a Dogtown Christmas, both signed by the author, Avonelle Kelsey.

And last but not least, rounding out the list, Jeff Marginean charged in heroically at the very last minute, just in time to regale us with his trials and tribulations in My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad.

JUST IN! Simon and Huey's (whose bakery is so cool they make me want to eat their stuff, even though they are for dogs) is donating some treats to our Prize Package!

JUST IN as of 8/19: Marie Mead, The author of Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits - Inspirational Stories of Rescue, Triumph, and Joy, is sending us signed copies of her book for the raffle!

Want to know about our sponsors? Check out the About page.

Whew! That's a HUGE selection of prizes for our raffle winner! But wait, there's even more! We have additional copies of some of the items listed in the prize package, and we'll be giving those out to random donors throughout the raffle! And they will still be eligible to win the Prize Package, too!

So, here's the deal:
Raffle tickets are $2 each, or SIX for $10
. You can donate securely using PayPal, without exposing any of your financial information. We have created a PayPal donation button for single tickets and the special six for $10 offer. But ALREADY, after announcing the raffle last week I have had people ask, "Can I donate $15 (or $20 or $30, etc.) ?" That's how great you all are. So the third donation button on the page lets you pick ANY donation amount you want, and you will still get one raffle ticket FREE for every five you purchase.

As an added bonus, for anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a FREE AD on either The Cheezits or Cool Moms Rule! (your choice) for an entire month!

And it's such a good cause! So come on, everybody, what are you waiting for?

Donate already!

Single Raffle Ticket:

SIX Raffle Tickets for $10

Any Donation Amount (free ad if $50 or greater!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attenshun! We Has a BIG Announcement!


Our Mom, who has been bloggin' over on her Mommy Blog a LONG time now, on account of she is furry old, has asked some wunnerful beans to help her make a Furry Good Thing happen for all of us woofers and kittehs, bunnies and hampsters and ferrets and gerbils and guinea pigs and, and other animals we has forgotten!

Mom has been very sad with so many kittehs crossing the Rainbow Bridge lately, especially Felix, cause her little kitten Leo had the same horrible nasty disease. (Dis is a pikshur of Leo. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge when he was even younger than we are now, but as you can see he was a furry nice ginger, too.)Mom decided she wanted to do sumfing speshul to help us animals. So she put together a furry BIG raffle, with not just one prize or a few prizes but a HUGE Prize Package with donations from these wunnerful beans, and all the raffle money is goin' to the no-kill shelter where Mom got us purrfect kittehs, The Cheezits!

Now, we wants all of you on the Cat Blogosphere to know about dis raffle, cause you are our bestest furriends, and you can win stuff. And maybe you know sum beans with sum extra green papers lyin' around that want to help animals get rescued, and maybe THEY know sum beans, too, and all of that ends up meaning more green papers for pets at the shelter!

So, here's the deal:

Stop by tomorrow, either here on The Cheezits OR on Cool Moms Rule (Mom's blog), to find out all the cool prizes in the Prize Package. Dere is stuff for all animal types, AND dere is stuff for beans and little beans, too!

  • Donate any day the raffle is running (starts tomorrow, Monday, August 18th).
  • You can get ONE raffle ticket for $2 or SIX raffle tickets for $10, which if you are furry good at math like us Cheezits means you get one free if you give the $10 donation! (Okay, we admit it, Mom 'splained that math stuff to us.)
  • Win (maybe) the Prize Package! But even if you don't win, you has done sumfin' good for animals, and dat's def'nitely worth a lot, too!
Thank you so much for wantin' to help cute kittehs like us find homes, and for wantin' to help woofers and buns and hampsters and ferrets and stuff get rescued, too (yes, they has them at the no-kill shelter, too). And don't furrget to enter the raffle tomorrow!

P.S. Mom knows that sum beans is hurtin right now, and they don't have a lot of green papers themselves. So she is going to buy some raffle tickets wif her own green papers and put them in those beans' names. If you know someone speshully needy just now, you can email Mom at pluckymisha AT (speshul mail for dis raffle only), and she will buy them a ticket until she runs out of eskstra green papers herself!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dis is My Den of Solitudes

So, Mom took her very first video wif the flippy camera thingy, and of course she chose me, Colby, as her subject. So I was going to show you my "crib", my cool dark den wif the tunnel entrance that I likes to call the Den of Solitude. But then big ol' chunky Cheddar came and ruined everything!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Photo Hunters: Dark

Dis is me, sittin' in the dark with the light just barely coming in the window. We learned from our friend Daisy, who has a scary pikshur, that Photo Hunters want dark pickshurs this week.

I think I look furry artsy in this pikshur, like I am thinking deep thoughts. Dat is why it's just me, Colby, in the pikshur. Cheddar doesn't think deep thought. Hee hee.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Artsy Catsy

When Mom started blogging on the Cat Blogosphere, it was really an act of love. She wanted to tell the world about us wonderful kittehs (naturally), and help rescue other shelter kitties like us.

But Mom says that one of the most wonderful and surprising things about writing The Cheezits for us is all the great people she has met. There are just so many caring beans out there!

And she wanted to tell you all about one of them today: Sharolyn, the resident artist and human over at Artsy Catsy.

Artsy Catsy, if you haven't been there, is the purrfect place to buy any cards and stationery, because so many of the products are inspired by kittehs!

The kitteh cards are our favorites. Besides being really beautiful (how could they be anything else, with kittehs for inspurration?), the cards are full of fun puns and funny captions.

For example, Sharolyn has cute graphics with kittehs climbing up walls and leaving pawprints behind (the inside caption reads, "My prints has come"), and a kitteh hanging desperately onto sumfin' (we know that feeling!) with, "Hang onto your pawsitive cattitude!" inside. Which is a furry good message for all of us kittehs and our beans when we have problems like feeling icky from eating too many bugs or sneezing and sniffling or not wanting to eat at all, like poor Felix right now!

One of the biggest greeting card companies in the US, Recycled Paper Greetings, even offered to buy Artsy Catsy's designs, but Sharolyn wanted to market them herself.

And you should be furry glad she does, because every time an Artsy Catsy design sells, Sharolyn donates 20% of the proceeds to places like The Rescue Farm and Cat Friends Helping Friends, in addition the first copy of each new design to CFHF for raffles and auctions to raise funds, with one per month every month for the rest of this year!

So please go get your bean and whap at them or give them the cute kitten face until they check out Artsy Catsy! Once they do, we know they'll want some of Sharolyn's cards to give to all their bean friends.

And thanks, Sharolyn, for helping kittehs with your purrfect designs!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What do you See? Where? OH! I see! It's a Lizard!

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