Wednesday, October 21, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter

We gots a chance to try out World's Best Cat Litter! They have a new look for their packaging and website, with the same great cat litter recipe.

Here is what we thought about it.

Mom's Take: We tried out two big bags of the litter. I know, from talking with all of you around the cat blogosphere and from asking the vet about it, that cats can be...stubborn about things like this. So we took the first bag of cat litte, and gradually, over time, mixed it with their usual brand. We then went on to just completely using World's Best Cat Litter with the second bag.

World's Best Cat Litter is unlike any other litter I've seen. It's much finer, more like soft flakes than granules, and made from whole kernel corn, so it is probably also the greenest, in terms of the environment, cat litter on the market today as well. It is 100% biodegradable and microporous, so it absorbs odor really well. I do know that when the kitties would, well, poo, in the litter box, there was virtually no odor.

Unfortunately, we had a LOT of odor when the cats urinated.

This is because they WOULD NOT PEE in the litter box once we had the World's Best Cat Litter in it!

Instead, they sprayed all over the back, screened-in porch. The smell of ammonia was just horrible when we realized what was going on! First, we thought maybe the outdoor cats that we see slinking around the screen sometimes, taunting the Cheezits and Fancy, were to blame, but it became obvious that no, it was our usually perfectly-litterbox-trained kitties who were peeing under the porch benches, tables, chairs...what a mess!

We had to power wash the entire porch, and we went back to Fresh Step, which was our litter of choice before World's Best Cat Litter.

I cannot explain this, but cats just have their preferences, and mine didn't think, for some reason, that World's Best Cat Litter was for peeing on. They weren't going to do it. Period. Even though, as I said they did poop in the box, and there was no odor in the litter box room from that, which was awesome.

I DO think the litter is much better for the environment and certainly much better about stopping odor than a lot of other litter out there, BUT only (obviously) if your cats will use it! So I think that if you started a kitty from scratch (so to speak) on the World's Best Cat Litter, and they had not already been used to another brand, you would be very happy.

World's Best Cat Litter IS pricier than the litters you buy in your local store, but as I said it is made from corn and 100% biodegradable, so you are helping the planet out!

Fancy and the Cheezits give their take: We didn't give Mom permission to change our litter! We likes the old litter just fine. Now we got our old litter back. We pooped in the box, but we sprayed the porch with pee until Mom listened to us!
We were sent three bags of World's Best Cat Litter (another one just came in the mail the other day!) to help us with our review. Mom used two, and we wouldn't go for it, so she will donate the third bag to the local shelter.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dis Iz My Worrit Face

Samantha and Mr. Tigger are still not back.


Dis worries me, because dey are normally furry good kittehs who would not put dere Mommy through all dis.

Efurrybody, please be on the lookout for two silly kittehs who maybe got lost a little bit, okay?


Mr. Tigger!

Come home *now* !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Did you miss us? Mom's all done wif dis summer vacation stuff, young beans are back in school, now it's our turn again!
Which meant we had to go to the V.E.T. the other day.

I did NOT like dat at ALL!

But I was furry smart. *preening*

See? Here's a pic of me, Cheddar, hiding in da V.E.T. office.

Okay, I knows you can't see me, because I am cleverly hiding, but I'm behind da scale.

Colby did not like da V.E.T. either. He tried to climb up the metal fing dat's used for weighing big fat goggies and woofers and he got his claws stuck and Mom had to get him down!

So, we gots out claws trimmed, too.

You know what, though? Fancy didn't mind the V.E.T. at all!

Oh, she didn't like riding in da big van, or being in a carrier (she had to share with Colby, but I got mah own because I'm so floofy).

Dis is me again, being floofy in mah carrier.

But Fancy didn't mind da V.E.T once we got dere. She walked all around da V.E.T. office. Here's a pikshur of Colby watching her. He liked to sit on da scale, when he wasn't huddling wif me in dah corner.

Fancy even--you won't BELIEVE this--*purred* at the V.E.T.!!! And she gave Mom head butts while we were dere, too.

Colby says she's a traitor cat.

But you know what? I fink she's just really brave.

What do you fink?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aunty Deb is dah Bestest!

We all luv Aunty Deb here in da Cat Blogosphere--no one does more for kitties than she does. We are furry proud to be her furriend.

Today is her birfday, so make sure you go and visit her at the Taylor Catssssss! Give her head nudges and tummy rubs for her special day (but save da catnip for us, kay?).

Happy Birfday, Miss Deb!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Me in Mah Box

I is getting furry big, just like a Maine Coon should. I bets Colby and Fancy are jealous, cause dey are not fancy kittehs like I am. The downside is dat I am havin a hard time finding a box dat I can fit into! Here is a big under-bed box dat is good for a manly, generous size kitteh like me!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

These Woofers Are Famous


We keep seeing these woofers all over the TV--dey gets to walk around unleashed all the time, and beans take pikshurs of them. They even dress up in funny clothes like beans do!

Mom says dey have dere own movie where dey get into all kinds of adventures, and little beans seem to like it.

Dat's sweet.

Why don't we have a movie deal? We're cuter than dese woofers are!

We could call it, "Florida Furries"! We could invite Daisy, and the Island Cats, and all the Florida kittehs.

Think we could get them to pay in 'nip instead of green papers?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We need dis: Cardboard Cat Chase Lounge for lyin' around and stuff!

Dis looks furry comfy for big furry kittehs like me, so I wants my beans to make it for me.

I thawt you all might like a speshul bed, too, so here's the link to the Cardboard Cat Chaise instrukshens that tell how to do it. It's from "Evil Mad Scientists Mad Laboratories", but I fink dey seem furry nice, since dey obviously know da right way to treat kittehs!

Now if we can just get Mom to stop being so lazy! She and the Dad person went on a cruise and she's way behind with our blog 'cause she's been so "relaxed" lately! Why do they need a vacation from US, anyway?!

Here's more proof we should have one of dese: Look, dis kitteh (on the left) even looks like me, only not so handsome (dat's me, on da right):


Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's BACK!

Thank goodness! We were calling him and calling him and then we got out the *treats* that he loves in the plastic bottle, and we shook the bottle as we called, and he came trotting right up like he hadn't been making us frantic all day!

Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments! We are so happy he's home--and no, he's NOT going out on the porch unsupervised again any time soon!


We are really, really worried because Colby has disappeared!

Dad fixed the hole in the screen where Houdini Colby had been escaping, and for a couple weeks now we have had no problems with escape attempts.

Last night, we let Colby out on the screened porch along with Fancy. The weather turned nice here in the last couple days, and it has been in the high seventies, going down only into the sixties at night, so the kitties have been wanting to spend a lot of time out there.

This morning, we could not find Colby. At first we thought one of the kids had let him back in along with Fancy, but they said no, and we looked for him in the house and could not find him, so back out to the screened porch we went to check--Colby had torn a new hole in the screen!
Dad, obviously, was NOT very happy about this.

Colby having escaped before, and the kids needing to go to school, I left to take them. I was sure when I came back he would be at the front door or on the windowsill, very annoyed as he had missed breakfast, and wanting to be let back in.

But he is still nowhere to be found, and now it is nearly 2:00! Cheddar is very worried about him and has been sticking close to me most of the day, purring and head butting when I call Colby and then getting worried and walking out to the edges of the porch to add his own squeaky meow to my cries.

Fancy seems unconcerned--let's hope she knows something we don't!

I'm really getting worried about Colby--even at his worst Houdini times, when he would escape from the porch, he never stayed out this long!

~Viv, Colby's Mom

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fancy Friday: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I've been doing a lot of cuddling with Colby these days. It's not so much that I *like* him or anything, it's just that it is furry cold outside!

Colby is furry good at opening doors now--unless the beans make sure they are all locked down, he will go to the door, stand up against it on two legs, pull at the lever with his paw, and then lean on it until it opens. He did this the other night when the teen bean forgot to lock the garage door after covering the plants (plants need blankies when it is cold, too!).

The only thing he, he left the door open (Colby's good at opening the doors, not so good at closing them again!).

You should have heard the Dad bean complaining when he got up in the middle of the night to find the door open and us kitties escapin'!

Okay, yeah, it WAS in the thirties, which is apparently bean talk for "ridiculously freezing cold", but still!

Oh, and you know what?

Cheddar is really enjoyin' this weather!

Yes! Cheddar, who squeaks when he sees a squirrel and runs inside the house if it chatters at him too much, is just eatin' up the cold with his big floofy fur and his big fat tummy to keep him warm. It's just not fair!

I do have it better than Colby, though. I'm ladylike and petite, but I have pretty thick fur--Colby is skinny as a rail and all sleek--his fur doesn't keep him warm at ALL!

So, see, when I cuddle up with him, I'm really doing him a favor!

That's right.

I'm just being nice.

~Fancy, the good girl kitty

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Hai! It's me, Cheddar.

I would like to take issue wif certain kittehs *makes laser eyes at Colby* that have been...hold on, wot's dat phrase Mom told me? Here it is: "Impugning my character."

Ahem. It's true that, on occasion, my meow sounds a bit...squeaky. So much so that, in fact, the beans sometimes call it my "battle squeak." But dat does NOT mean I am a girly cat!

No, I am a big, strong, very-nearly Mancat. See, even "battle squeak" tells you so, because battle means fightin', right? And girls don't fight--oh, wait a minute.

Fancy fights.


Well, anyway, here is a pikshur of me and Colby wif a lizard dat I helped kill. Would a girly kitteh do that?

She would?

Well, it doesn't matter! I may be floofy, but I'm as masculine as dey come. Right, ladies?


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Colby's lament

I killed a bird today.

You would think the beans would be proud of me.

I'm not even a full mancat, and I killed it all by myself!

I Houdini'ed my way out of my collar and snuck right up on it.

The little bird was eating some fruit that the littlest bean spilled and Mom put out on the grass so it wouldn't go to waste.

It didn't even hear me coming.

It was furry quick--I didn't play with it or nuthin'.

And I started meowing, so they would all come and see what a good hunter I'd been.

The littlest bean heard me, and when he came I showed him where the little bird was.

They should be proud of me!

So...why is efurryone actin' so sad around here?

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