Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom's Back!

Oh boy! Mom is back, and we gots to go in her room and watch the world out of her window, and she gave us treats today for NO reason and we are gettin' lots of attenshun!

Mom was in a place called Callee For Nyah, to meet with other peoples that blog. They didn't have any kitties that blog there, but Mom did see this big funny lookin' woofer called "Raggs" there. Here's a pikshur of him.

We gots very big while Mom was gone. Cheddar has been a big mean old bully and been stealing my toys and I told Mom so. Cheddar says I've been getting him, too, but he lies like that sometimes.

The young bean took good care of us, and so did the Grandma bean, while Mom was gone, but it's good to have her home again!

1 comment:

ZOOLATRY said...

Welcome Home! (we hadn't emailed back as we knew you were away...)
So... must be good to be with the cheez-its again!

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