Saturday, October 11, 2008

Efurryone's Better Now!

The beans aren't sick any more, yay!

Dat means we gots a new toy, too. Mom finally put it together wif da help of da youngest bean. Here I am, checking it out.

I's also been furry busy helpin' Mom wif all her Halloween stuff.
Dis is called a pumpkin. It looks like it would be good to eat, but dis one isn't, know why? Cause it's fake! Mom says it is called a Funkin.

Mom's going to carve it into a Jack O' Lantern. This Funkin is for carvin' and keepin', instead of carvin' and throwin' away. Da real pumpkins, dey get rotten really fast down here in Florida. I smelleded it and it doesn't smell real, either.

Dat Fancy kitty has been helpin' Mom too. Turns out that Fancy is akshully pretty cool!

She play-fights wif Colby and doesn't put the bitey on him, and dat means I don't get the bitey put on ME when Colby wants to play-fight. And today, when we spilled all our food (which is NOT my fault, Colby snuck up on me and I ranned into it and it just went flyin'!), she went in an mewed at Mom until Mom came out and saw our dish was empty and fixed it all up for us. Dat was pretty smart of Fancy!

Mom says black cats are furry good for Halloween, cause some beans are Super Stitch Us, whatever dat means, and fink black cats are all spooky and bad luck!

Dat's silly, Fancy has just been good luck fur us.

Here's a pikshur of me checkin' out Mom's party invitations for da little beans' Halloween party, and some waxy candle fings and black roses and a styrofoam tombstone she gots. Dey's for decorashuns at Da party. See how I'm being a good watch cat and keepin' the house safe?

Usually, dat's Colby's job but he was on da porch, climbin' the screens and gettin' snails. Dad said, "Bad cat!" at him for dat, but Colby was just tryin' to keep the house safe!

Mom says I am da cute floofy kitteh for photos and cuddlin', and Colby is the speshul attack cat for gettin' stuff like lizards, and Fancy is the emergency back-up girl kitteh dat even likes gettin' petted. cause Mom needs more girls wif all us boy kittehs around!


The Island Cats said...

You two are good little helpers, aren't you??

And we cats ARE good luck...not bad luck!!

Wally & Ernie

pee ess. you look like you all are getting along okay! that's great!

Anonymous said...

Mom says that all cats are good luck! Looks like you will be having quite a spooky Halloween party!

Anonymous said...

That is very good that your beans are no longer sick :)
You new toy is wicked!!! that would be lots of fun!!
Your Momma is smart to get a funkin, hehe cute name too! The less stink though is much better, more room to lay our stink :)
Little Fancy sounds like a great addition to your families!@! It is good to hear such good stories.
You haz some neat Halloween goodies, I bet it will be a good parteh! have a happy weekend guyz!!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Funkins sound like something that we should be buyin' 'cuz Mom carves some really pretty (an' scary) ones that would be fun to keep.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Mommy says black kitties are pawesome! Casey remembers her angel kitty big sister (who was really tiny at 6.5 lbs) Missy, she was a black kitty and so affectionate!! She was rescued on Hallowe'en, so I guess you can call her a Hallowe'en kitty.

Anyways, we're happy that your beans aren't sick. Also, your toy looks fun! We are happy to meet you all!

~Donny and Marie and Casey

Daisy said...

Orange kitties and a black kitty are perfect together for Halloween! We have never heard of Funkins before, but that is a great idea. You are so right about real pumpkins in the Florida heat. Yuck!

Rattitude said...

Is there gonna be a kittie in your funkin?

We've got a funkin with rats carved into it. We should share it.

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