Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Artsy Catsy

When Mom started blogging on the Cat Blogosphere, it was really an act of love. She wanted to tell the world about us wonderful kittehs (naturally), and help rescue other shelter kitties like us.

But Mom says that one of the most wonderful and surprising things about writing The Cheezits for us is all the great people she has met. There are just so many caring beans out there!

And she wanted to tell you all about one of them today: Sharolyn, the resident artist and human over at Artsy Catsy.

Artsy Catsy, if you haven't been there, is the purrfect place to buy any cards and stationery, because so many of the products are inspired by kittehs!

The kitteh cards are our favorites. Besides being really beautiful (how could they be anything else, with kittehs for inspurration?), the cards are full of fun puns and funny captions.

For example, Sharolyn has cute graphics with kittehs climbing up walls and leaving pawprints behind (the inside caption reads, "My prints has come"), and a kitteh hanging desperately onto sumfin' (we know that feeling!) with, "Hang onto your pawsitive cattitude!" inside. Which is a furry good message for all of us kittehs and our beans when we have problems like feeling icky from eating too many bugs or sneezing and sniffling or not wanting to eat at all, like poor Felix right now!

One of the biggest greeting card companies in the US, Recycled Paper Greetings, even offered to buy Artsy Catsy's designs, but Sharolyn wanted to market them herself.

And you should be furry glad she does, because every time an Artsy Catsy design sells, Sharolyn donates 20% of the proceeds to places like The Rescue Farm and Cat Friends Helping Friends, in addition the first copy of each new design to CFHF for raffles and auctions to raise funds, with one per month every month for the rest of this year!

So please go get your bean and whap at them or give them the cute kitten face until they check out Artsy Catsy! Once they do, we know they'll want some of Sharolyn's cards to give to all their bean friends.

And thanks, Sharolyn, for helping kittehs with your purrfect designs!


Sweet Praline said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. We will definitely check it out.

Katie and Da Katz said...

oh my!! A moving partee! What a wonderful suprize, Katie Too! Lots of foodies and unpackin done! And I am definitely hungree! Job hunting is hard work!

Thanks for comin by Colby and Cheddar. I think Bootsie likes your Friskies with bacon.

After thunderin herd of elefants, we're going to take time to purr fur Felix.

- Katie One

P.S. Artsy Catsy is a great place to find fun art bout kittees. -Katie Too.

Anonymous said...

pretty works!

Bainbridge Island florist

goldenshade said...

Great art!

purrs, Goldie and Shade

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

That is a great site!

Daisy said...

I love Artsy Catsy! I got a beautiful bookmark from them and also some cute Christmas ornaments!

The Meezers said...

we love Artsy Catsy - they are so wonderful and caring!!

Lux said...

Those *are very pretty cards!

Katie and Da Katz said...

Hiya agin!
We wanted ta givs you dis hear frinds award fur stoppin by our movin partee, but we couldnt finds your eamil adeee.

We left a copee of da ward on our bloggee ifns you wants ta get it dat way.

Tanks fur havin fun wif us!
Katie Too and da Katz

Katie and Da Katz said...

Hey C&C... Mawmee luvs your Mawmeez blog entry bout Raisin da Bar.. dis new tv show. But she cood not finds how 2 comment.

So she askdid if Ize comment fur her. She say dat she wishes she had cable back! or dish Tv sumpins, cause she missus TNT and USA netwerk. Dis here raisin da bar sounds like a goods show...

course da furst was L&O - Mr. Wolf blazed dis here trail umpteem years ago and now looks at all dat good TeeVee dramas weze gots now!! Tanks Mr. Wolf!

Bye Bye
frum Katie One and Katie Too.

Cats said...

Rocky and everybody else at Artsy Catsy are wonderful furriends ~ thanks for this very nice post about them :)

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