Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attenshun! We Has a BIG Announcement!


Our Mom, who has been bloggin' over on her Mommy Blog a LONG time now, on account of she is furry old, has asked some wunnerful beans to help her make a Furry Good Thing happen for all of us woofers and kittehs, bunnies and hampsters and ferrets and gerbils and guinea pigs and, and other animals we has forgotten!

Mom has been very sad with so many kittehs crossing the Rainbow Bridge lately, especially Felix, cause her little kitten Leo had the same horrible nasty disease. (Dis is a pikshur of Leo. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge when he was even younger than we are now, but as you can see he was a furry nice ginger, too.)Mom decided she wanted to do sumfing speshul to help us animals. So she put together a furry BIG raffle, with not just one prize or a few prizes but a HUGE Prize Package with donations from these wunnerful beans, and all the raffle money is goin' to the no-kill shelter where Mom got us purrfect kittehs, The Cheezits!

Now, we wants all of you on the Cat Blogosphere to know about dis raffle, cause you are our bestest furriends, and you can win stuff. And maybe you know sum beans with sum extra green papers lyin' around that want to help animals get rescued, and maybe THEY know sum beans, too, and all of that ends up meaning more green papers for pets at the shelter!

So, here's the deal:

Stop by tomorrow, either here on The Cheezits OR on Cool Moms Rule (Mom's blog), to find out all the cool prizes in the Prize Package. Dere is stuff for all animal types, AND dere is stuff for beans and little beans, too!

  • Donate any day the raffle is running (starts tomorrow, Monday, August 18th).
  • You can get ONE raffle ticket for $2 or SIX raffle tickets for $10, which if you are furry good at math like us Cheezits means you get one free if you give the $10 donation! (Okay, we admit it, Mom 'splained that math stuff to us.)
  • Win (maybe) the Prize Package! But even if you don't win, you has done sumfin' good for animals, and dat's def'nitely worth a lot, too!
Thank you so much for wantin' to help cute kittehs like us find homes, and for wantin' to help woofers and buns and hampsters and ferrets and stuff get rescued, too (yes, they has them at the no-kill shelter, too). And don't furrget to enter the raffle tomorrow!

P.S. Mom knows that sum beans is hurtin right now, and they don't have a lot of green papers themselves. So she is going to buy some raffle tickets wif her own green papers and put them in those beans' names. If you know someone speshully needy just now, you can email Mom at pluckymisha AT (speshul mail for dis raffle only), and she will buy them a ticket until she runs out of eskstra green papers herself!


Daisy said...

That is a very wonderful idea!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

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