Friday, September 5, 2008

Rainy Days = Naptime!

Rain, rain, rain. We is getting LOTS of rain and clouds from the big storm, Hanna.

It makes me, Colby, furry sleepy.

I was all stretched out and comfy on Mom's bed.

But then big ol' Cheddar came in and wanted to play.

I was just sleepin' and he bited me! Then he was whappin' at me and wouldn't let me alone.

He tried to eat Mom's laptop cord and chew the buttons off of her sweater.

She played wif him awhile, but she is tryin' to put our posts on the blog for us, and then she has her ovur blogs, so she had to get back to work.

But Cheddar kept puttin' the bitey on me and wouldn't let me rest, so Mom picked him up and put his floofy self by the window so's he could see the lizards and the rain.

Thank goodness!

Now I can nap again!


1 comment:

Whicky Wuudler said...

Aww, sleepin' is the best thing to do during rainy days. I hope you managed to get some good sleeping done.

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