Sunday, September 21, 2008

V.E.T stuff and dat new kitteh wot's in our house!

Yawn. Oh, Hai! I was just takin' a nap. I has some news, though!

That black kitteh's name is Fancy, and she's been real sick. Mom had to take her to the V.E.T yesterday. You wanna know sumfin' else? We had to go to the V.E.T too, and we weren't even sick! Dat's not fair. We had to get shots, but we were brave mancats and didn't make a fuss, or anyway Cheddar didn't. I howled and tried to get away from, I mean tried to attack the V.E.T people, just to give 'em what for!

Anyway, we went to the V.E.T a different day than Fancy cause we are not sick and she is. She won't eat, and Mom was worrit. So, anyways, the V.E.T. gave Fancy sub Q tane EE uz fluids (dat's like water under the skin, ewww) and gots her shots up-to-date, too, and then gave Mom a Pill Popper gun thing, 'cause even the vet couldn't get Fancy to take the icky liquid medicine stuff! Dat's a neat trick. She has to show us how she keeps her mouth closed. I want to know how she can spit pills out really far, too! Mom said some bad words the first time Fancy did that! But she got Fancy to swallow one next time, so Mom's not so sad and stressed out now.

That black Fancy kitteh sure seems to be feelin' a lot better, too. Dose liquids helped a lot. Mom put a huge-midi-fyer in her room to help her breathe through her stuffed-up nose. She still won't eat, but dat's good 'cause we get the food she doesn't want, and Mom is tryin' lots of stinky goodness stuff! Nom nom nom. Mom even tried salmon and left-over steak from the beans' trip to the restaurant. I guess Fancy just won't eat 'til she's betterer than she is now. The V.E.T said to give it a couple days and see. Fancy's drinkin' water, tho, and she purrs a lot and she even lets the beans pet her ALL the time, which is just suckin' up if you ask me.

Anyway, I fink maybe she is startin' to unnerstand dat WE are da mancats and she has to respeckt us and stuff. I chased her and stuff and she doesn't even hiss back. And she was pretty tough with the V.E.T. So, you know, she's not DAT terrible.

Oh, and Mom says THANK YOU to all the wunnerful kittehs and their Moms and Dads dat gave us advice! We are gettin' along a little better now, specially since that sock thing! We has to sleep and eat in different places, though, cause she is sick.


P.S. I want to say thanks too! The bruvvers aren't quite so mean and scary at me now!--Fancy


Sweet Praline said...

Fancy, I sure hope you are feeling better really fast so you can get to know your brothers!

The Island Cats said...

We hope Fancy feels better soon. It's no fun being sick and having to take medicine!

Good to hear that you mancats are getting along better with Fancy too!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Anonymous said...

It's great Fancy iz getting better!
It's very nice to have a sister, you guys won't believe how protective they iz and how they love us, and all we has to do is showz a little attenshun! :))


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Fancy, sweetie, we are so sorry that you are not feeling well. We hope that you get better soon. We are so happy that you and the Cheezits are getting along better. Those two boys are really sweet. They will make very good big brothers!!!


Anonymous said...

We are very sorry that Fancy is feeling icky and we sure hope she's all better soon. We have our annual Vet appointment coming up soon, too. We really are not looking forward to that at all.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

we hopes that you all gets to be one big happy fambly furry soon. when fancy's feelin' better, she might be a little more spunky--so you should make furriends wif her right now, or you could be gettin' paybacks in a few days;-) li'l sisfurs ain't that bad . . . except fur ours.

nels, ed, an' nitro
(3/4 of the meowers)

Daisy said...

Fancy, I wish you were not sick, but I am glad you are feeling a little better. Most of all, I am glad everycat is getting along better!

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