Monday, December 1, 2008

Merry Kris Moose to Us

Mom has been very busy and stressin' out and stuff on account of da Badderee on the Dad's big moving machine broke down TWICE when da Dad was across the country (Mom says he shoulda fixed it da first time!), and now we is getting some new carpets.

So I said to my bruvver dat I don't like da idea of new pets anywheres around--I just got used to dat Fancy cat!--but if day wanna go in the car instead of us, maybe dese carpets wouldn't be so bad.

And you know what? He says carpets are just big rugs! So dat's new stuff to scratch. Dat's much better than new strange kitties riding around in cars wif Mom!

And da Dad was movin' all da big furnitures around, and paintin' stuff, and we had to be careful and stay on da porch so our furs wouldn't get whited from the paint. (I finks Fancy would look cool wif a white stripe down her back, like a skunk, but she wasn't goin' for it.)

So, anyways, lots of dis stress stuff at our house, and den we gets a Kris Mouse card! Us! Da kitties!

Mom says SHE hasn't even gotten any Kris Moose cards yet, but we has. *preens*

Furriends is furry good for gettin' rid of stress, aren't dey?

Fanks, Eric and Flynn!

We LOVES our Kris Moose card.

It has ur pikshur right on it. Dat's furry cool. Yay!


Bronnie said...

If any cats deserve a Happy Kris Moose it's you two. I hope Santa Cat visits and leaves you lots of festive treats! (But what are you giving Mum? Oh, that's right. Lots of furry love).

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad your Kris Moose card arrived and got rid of your stress. Your Beans probly wouldn't like Fancy looking like a skunk either.

Anonymous said...

I thinks Fancy should do the sunk thing.. Lilly Munster is very cool and she has it!! :)


Everycat said...

Glad to see you back. A new carpet will be fun, rip, rip, rip!


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