Thursday, January 29, 2009


We are really, really worried because Colby has disappeared!

Dad fixed the hole in the screen where Houdini Colby had been escaping, and for a couple weeks now we have had no problems with escape attempts.

Last night, we let Colby out on the screened porch along with Fancy. The weather turned nice here in the last couple days, and it has been in the high seventies, going down only into the sixties at night, so the kitties have been wanting to spend a lot of time out there.

This morning, we could not find Colby. At first we thought one of the kids had let him back in along with Fancy, but they said no, and we looked for him in the house and could not find him, so back out to the screened porch we went to check--Colby had torn a new hole in the screen!
Dad, obviously, was NOT very happy about this.

Colby having escaped before, and the kids needing to go to school, I left to take them. I was sure when I came back he would be at the front door or on the windowsill, very annoyed as he had missed breakfast, and wanting to be let back in.

But he is still nowhere to be found, and now it is nearly 2:00! Cheddar is very worried about him and has been sticking close to me most of the day, purring and head butting when I call Colby and then getting worried and walking out to the edges of the porch to add his own squeaky meow to my cries.

Fancy seems unconcerned--let's hope she knows something we don't!

I'm really getting worried about Colby--even at his worst Houdini times, when he would escape from the porch, he never stayed out this long!

~Viv, Colby's Mom


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no. We hope Colby returns very soon! It isn't nice to scare your mom or family.

And we have the feeling, when he does return, he won't be spending much unsupervised time on the porch.

We hope you will let everyone know when he comes home.

Junior said...

Oh no! We will be purring for his safe return.

Put some food out for him and one of his blankets or something with your smell on it. Hopefully that will help.

Daisy said...

Cooooooolby! Coooooolby! Can you hear me calling you? Please come home! Right away!

Tiger Lily said...

Oh no! Please come home Colby! Please listen to Daisy and everyone who loves you.

Fat Eric said...

Oh dear, sending purrs that Colby remembers where the food is and comes home very quickly.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I don't know why my other message didn't take so sorry if this doubles one.

We've heard that putting the inside of the vacuum cleaner bag AND dirty laundry from the hamper (because they smell so strongly of home) have brought many kitties home.

Also leave the screened in porch door open with good stinky food inside so he can come right in when he comes back.

My friend's cat wandered off and she put up signs, but when she went door to door she found the woman who picked Sammy up on the next block. The lady hadn't paid attention to the signs. Luckily Annette went door to door and got her little guy back. Try that with your neighbors. At least they can keep their eyes open.

I will purr and pray for his safe return. We are asking St. Anthony (Patron Saint of Lost Things) so bring him home soon

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

COLBY! Yoo get yoor furry hiney home RIGHT NOW! We'll be purring fur him to come home....

The Island Cats said...


But seriously, we are purraying that Colby comes home soon! We're not sure where you live, but have neighbors check their garages and other places like that...our neighbor's cat got out and was locked for 3 days in another neighbor's garage! You can put up signs too!

PDX pride said...

Definitely go door-to-door asking people to keep an eye out for him! Not just on your street, but three or four streets to the sides, too. He might've gotten confused as to which house was home. Purrrraying he comes back soon!

The Creek Cats said...

We are purring very hard for Colby to come back home very soon!!!

Alasandra said...

We are purring Colby returns home safely.

Everyone must be so worried. ~S,S & C

Anonymous said...

We're sending go-home-now vibes and purrayers for Colby. Hang in there -- our Caitie disappeared for a day this summer and we were worried sick, but she came back later that night. We hope Colby does the same.

i am a mystery said...

We are soooo glad Colby came back. Now, after you have lots of cuddles and foodies and sweet words, Colby, STAY HOME!

mama Carol
and neighbor Mystery

Cory said...

So glad to come by after all has been resolved and the little escape artist is home safe and sound! Yay!

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