Saturday, January 3, 2009

Colby's lament

I killed a bird today.

You would think the beans would be proud of me.

I'm not even a full mancat, and I killed it all by myself!

I Houdini'ed my way out of my collar and snuck right up on it.

The little bird was eating some fruit that the littlest bean spilled and Mom put out on the grass so it wouldn't go to waste.

It didn't even hear me coming.

It was furry quick--I didn't play with it or nuthin'.

And I started meowing, so they would all come and see what a good hunter I'd been.

The littlest bean heard me, and when he came I showed him where the little bird was.

They should be proud of me!

So...why is efurryone actin' so sad around here?


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Humans are different than cats and dogs. They don't appreciate our hunting skills.

Alasandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alasandra said...

We hate to break it to you but beans have a long list of things they get upset if you kill cute bunny rabbits, birds and usually squirrells are on the DO NOT KILL LIST.

On the other hand if you kill mousies, rats and other vermin they will be very pleased as long as you DO NOT try to give it to them.

Beans are weird. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Sweet Praline said...

Alasandra is correct. The beans tend to like the fluffy and furry creatures, but the rodents and creepy crawly creatures are okay to kill. Go figure.

Max said...

People just get excited about stuff sometimes and not in the way we expect them to. They forget that stuff like birds is just flying food to us. Even though they eat chickens. Probably because most people don't have to kill a chicken themselves, they get it all naked from the store.

If you *really* want to see them excited, kill a mouse...and then bring half to them. Heh.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh Colby! What a great hunter you are. We are proud of you. I'm sure your beans are too, but beans aren't used to things like that.

Now, you need to stay inside where you are safe! You also better stay in that collar or yours because if someone picks you up and takes you to the shelter you may never get home again.

Seriously dude, you stay inside. I was outside for my first 2 years and I got FIV fighting other cats.

Anonymous said...

HAHHA Max said it all! ;)


Anonymous said...

Mom always save the birdies from our mouths when we catch them, too. Go figure.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

We can not get to birds, but our Momma does not even like us to eat bugs!

Thank you for coming by and leaving nice words for us about our Bandit.

~ The Bunch, minus one

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