Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cheddar to the Rescue!

Today, I saved Colby's life! We'll maybe not, but he sure was panicking! He snuck in Mom's room to get on the bed again (he's good at sneaking), but Mom didn't know he was in there and when she came out, she closed the door!

And then...she left! She and Alex (that's the youngest boy human) went to the doctor's office because he hurt his paw hand. And they were gone for over an hour.

So Colby was meowing, and I went over to the door to help, and I tried to get it open by bumping against it and pushing on it, but I couldn't! Still, I stayed right there, meowing right back at Colby to let him know I was there.

Then, Mom came back, and she wondered why I was meowing. She picked me up, and Alex opened the door and let Colby out! Colby was so excited, he started running all over the house!

I think Mom felt bad, because we had CHICKEN for a snack! MMM. Nom Nom Nom. I love chicken!

Hmmm. Maybe I can get Colby to lock himself in again...


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