Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Day in the Life

Today, our human (everyone seems to call her "Mom", so I think that's what we'll call her, too!) let us play all around the Great Big Soft Space, which she calls a "bed". Cheddar and I chased each other, wrestled, balanced on the edge, jumped on the pillows and then fell asleep on the covers. There's so much room here! We can explore all over.

We had lots of good food today, including some little pieces of chicken. I never had chicken that wasn't out of a can before, and boy is it good! I actually begged for it. Cheddar had one piece, but I snuck an extra one when he wasn't looking and had TWO pieces! That's what he gets for sleeping all the time. I would rather be alert and watchful when I can. You never know when you might get an extra treat!

The youngest boy human threw the cool rattly mouse all over the place this evening. I just go crazy when he does that! He held the mouse over my head and swung it around. Cheddar likes to lie on his back and bat at it like an otter, but I'm like a bear! I get up on two legs and swipe at it. A few times, I even got the boy's hand. I'm really getting fast *preening*.

Then Cheddar and I raced each other to the mouse. Cheddar got to it first sometimes, but so did I, so we didn't fight over our toy.



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