Tuesday, May 6, 2008


That's me, Colby, the hot guy with the white paws in the pic on the left.

I'm the active, sociable half of the dynamic duo that is The Cheezits!

And I'm Cheddar, the cute, fluffy guy on the right. My fur is lighter, and I have a white chin. Don't you just want to pet my tummy?



Gosh, this is embarrassing...

1 comment:

Tyler said...

Well hello there guys! We love your names, and we love to eat cheese. You are hot with those yellow paws. And my mom is reaching out to pet your tummy Cheddar. You look a lot like my little bro Jake. He's a one year old rescue kitty too. Well, we're all rescue kitties. Three of us came from the Shelter and two right off of the mean streets of San Jose. We hope to get to know you better. We saw your name on Swap n things.

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